Refurbished Vintage Western Cowboy Boots



Colorful cowboy boots on a shelf in a store.

The Designer’s Rack specializes in vintage, refurbished Cowboy boots for the whole family: Men’s, Women’s and Children’s in every size.  Western boots, like ours, only come along once in a lifetime and some of our boots should be in museums because of the artistry and craftsmanship that it took to create them. 

Western cowboy boot makers like Lucchese, Tony Lama, Nocona, Dan Post, Justin and custom boots by famous craftsmen like the Leddy family in Ft. Worth, T.O. Stanley, Paul Bond, Olathe, Ryon’s, etc. are all stocked and ready for you to try on at The Designer’s Rack.


Cowboy boots never have a season. Wear them in the summer with sundresses, or shorts and when the weather turns, cowboy boots look great with big sweaters or just a great pair of jeans.  Globally, whether you are from Singapore or Canada, cowboy boots are here to stay and we feel we have the best selection in the world. Our cowboy boots can be seen in London, Dubai, Havana, LA to NYC.  Buckaroos worldwide love our boots!


Some of the most coveted skins are available. SEA TURTLE, which hasn’t been made since 1973 when the US government outlawed using the skins, are definitely in high demand and WE HAVE THEM.  Other exotic and rare skins would include elephant, anteater, alligator belly, caribou, ostrich, etc.  Please give us a call if you are looking for a specific skin or maker.  If we don’t have it we’ll certainly put you in our VIP list and call you when it comes in. 


Don’t forget that we are a RESALE boutique and we pay cash for your items which includes cowboy boots.  You don’t need an appointment but we strongly recommend you call us before coming in to assure a buyer is available to meet with you.  817-310-0065


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Tony Lama, Lucchese, Olathe, Nocona Boots, Dan Post boots